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About Idee

Idee Montijo is an engineer, explorer and photographer who has participated in field expeditions and research since the earliest days of her career. Her work has been published in seven scientific papers, Florida Today, USA Today, the Key West Citizen, Advanced Diver Magazine, SeaDuction Magazine, X-Ray Magazine, the St. Pete and Tampa Bay Times, three Explorers Club Flag Expedition Reports, NBC News, CBS, NBC’s Today Show, School Lesson Material at two Las Vegas middle-schools and a high-school in Adelaide AU, and recently she was invited to provide research images from underwater expeditions with the Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge to support a Congressional Bill proposing expanded benefits for veterans wounded in combat.

Idee’s passion for exploration has taken her to the ocean’s depths as a technical diver, to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and into a field study with the Amazon’s indigenous Matis tribe - and she’s said to be the first foreign woman to receive their tribal tattoo. A course graduate of the oldest survival school in the U.S., Idee trains and studies to stay expedition-ready.

For a number of years, Idee was a presenter for Oceans for Youth, bringing stories and lessons from her dive experiences to school kids. Having studied at Eastern Florida State College, she continues her academics at Harvard University with a concentrator in Sustainability.

Drawn to distant cultures and new places since childhood, Idee has lived in and traveled to over 35 countries. A veteran of over 18 expeditions, Idee was elected to membership in The Explorers Club where she now serves on the Board of Directors. She serves on the Board for Advanced Diver Magazine’s Exploration Foundation and has served as an advisor to the national nonprofit Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge.

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