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Join Idee Montijo on expedition, collaborate on scientific field data,

or let her present to your group or organization!

•   Photo Expeditions

Travel with purpose. Learn the art of field photography that tells a story. Expeditions include local experts on conservation, sustainability and biology to provide context on our journey.  

•   Field Data Collection

Whether your data is located underwater, on a mountain top, in the dark recesses of a cave, or in a thick jungle – Idee can help you find it.

•   Corporate Outings

What’s the difference between a group and a team? Unified Challenge. Enlist Idee to share a briefing and field outings that motivate, challenge, and strengthen your team.

•   Video Presenter

On-camera, on-location, on-point.

•   Speaking Engagements

Designed for any size group to educate and motivate with shared expedition stories.        

Gear Up for Challenge – Building internal motivation in challenging times.        

Women in Exploration – Inspiring women who  made their mark in exploration and how women make a difference today in exploration.    

United We Stand – Developing team unity from anywhere in the pack.        

In the Shadow of Isolation – From our 2018 expedition to study the indigenous Matis tribe’s way of life deep in the Brazilian Amazon basin, with messages on the importance of sustainability. The Matis are hunter-gatherers living in self-isolation within the Javari River Valley protected territory.

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