Let's join forces with ICORP, the International Coalition of Rhino Protection, on a unique photo expedition to photo-document anti-poaching units in action, visit with a rhino orphanage, and learn the true art of expedition photography. We'll lodge at the ICORP safari facility, take part in an overnight anti-poaching patrol, engage with local volunteers, and travel across several ICORP conservation parks.
Limited to 8 participants.

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Terra Sustainable Technologies and Idee Explores has enjoyed a long-term symbiotic association. Terra has sponsored and promoted Idee's expeditions, and Idee has served as a Terra Global Ambassador.  Recently, Idee became a Sustainable Engineering Consultant for Terra and an expedition leader for Terra's many expedition offerings. For more information about one of these unique expeditions, planned in partnership with Discovery Vacations, contact us to view current expeditions.

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Idee ventures into the field with super-rugged clothing and gear sponsored by RailRiders Adventure Clothing and brings back colorful images and stories from the field that speak to the durability of RR gear.

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